Benefits of Drinking Water For Wrinkle Free Skin

Benefits of Drinking WaterI must admit I struggle to drink the daily required amount of water.  For a start I don’t like tap water, I can’t even stand the smell of it.  I can get away with filtered water if I put a few drops of lemon in it, and I love the fizzy carbonated flavoured water – although that’s probably the least healthy option.

However, you cannot get away from the many benefits of drinking water as our body needs a constant supply of water to keep it functioning properly.  Here we’ll take a look at the benefits of water specifically in connection with anti ageing, weight loss and health.

Did you know that water is a solvent?

Yes, it dissolves other substances and carries nutrients and other materials, such as blood cells for example, around the body making it possible for every organ to do its job properly.

Even though our body is made up mainly of water, it still needs a daily intake of water to help it function.

Here I’ll quickly cover some ground by investigating the many ways your body uses water.

For Anti Ageing

Can drinking water make you look younger?  Well, yes it can!

Water for SkinIt’s all about about keeping your skin ‘hydrated’ because if you don’t, your skin will dry-up and become wrinkled.  We tend to keep our skin hydrated by putting moisturiser on once or twice a day, which is exactly what we should be doing, but we can do more.

We all know we drink water or any kind of drink (pop, coffee etc.) because it quenches our thirst and keeps us from becoming dehydrated.  Therefore, if we drink plenty of water daily then it keeps our body constantly hydrated as well as our skin cells.

How does water hydrate our skin?  Our body is made up of approximately 70% of water and it’s important that we need water to keep it that way.  Just like the insides of our body, the skin structure is made up from cells and these skin cells are also made up of a percentage of water.  Therefore we have to keep these cells hydrated in order for them to work properly too.

There are two ways to keep these skin cells hydrated:

  1. By drinking plenty of water; and
  2. By eating plenty of juicy fruit (fruit contains mineral-rich water).

When these skin cells work properly, you have lovely supple, clear and less wrinkled skin!

Water For Health

As touched on above, water is essential to help all your organs and body parts to do their job properly.  You need your liver and kidneys to work right don’t you?  Well water helps with those organs as well as many others.

Water for HealthReasons to drink more water:

  • If we’re hot, our body over-heats and we sweat.  We need water to cool our body down and keep moisture in the body for when we do sweat;
  • It carries waste products and toxins out of your body via urine from the kidneys;
  • Acts as a lubricant for mucous membranes.

These are just examples and the tip of the iceberg of what the benefits of drinking water can do for our body.

For Weight Loss

As I have stated above, our body is made of of approximately 70% of water.  Sometimes we have more than this and this is what we call ‘water retention’.  This is how our weight fluctuates from day or day as it is coping with the loss and gain of bodily fluids.

Water for Weight LossWhen we first start a diet we always tend to lose the most amount of weight in our first week, this is because the weight loss is mostly made up from water – water retention.

So how does water work for weight loss?

1)  Drinking water helps ‘flush’ out the water-retention where you could easily drop up to 5lbs;

2)  It helps to fill the ‘hunger’ gap between meals;

3)  It keeps your liver and kidneys functioning properly.  Liver is a big fat burning organ and your kidneys are vital to help flush out those toxins (weight gainers);

4)  If you drink iced-cold water it helps to burn more calories.

So you see, the benefits and reasons of drinking water are numerous and are important in every aspect of our well-being.

What Type of Water Is Best?

Tap Water:  Tap water is perfectly acceptable to drink if you like the taste, it’s also the cheapest way to drink water.  As we know, tap water comes from resevoirs and is treated and purified with chlorine (and maybe some added flouride) before it comes out of our taps.

Filtered Water: Filter your tap water with a filter jug to remove the chlorine to make the water more pure.  However, be aware that by doing so will consequently result in the growth of micro-organisms such as bacteria and algae.  This will be made worse if the jug filter is left unused for long periods of time or it is left standing in direct sunlight.  Therefore, be sure to follow the instructions which come with your filter jug to change the filter as directed (normally after 30 days).

Bottled Water:  Manufacturers of bottled water state that it is either pure minteral water, natural spring water or even well water.  This is the best type of water to drink but it could prove to be expensive if you have to buy botted water all the time to get your daily dose.  Also be aware that if you keep using the same bottle over and over again bacteria will build up (like the filter water), so you should change your bottle every week.

Distilled Water: Yes you can drink distilled water but it will be lacking in essential nutrients and minerals. It is recommended that you drink either filtered or bottled water for the best health reasons.

How Much Water?

If you can try and aim for eight glasses a day as this is the amount recommended by experts.  But if you can’t drink that amount don’t worry too much – try and eat several pieces of fruit a day to make up your water consumption that way.

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