Face Exercises To Firm and Tighten Your Face

Face ExercisesI’m going to talk about face exercises in general and to prove to you how they really can make you look years younger.  Then I’m going to show you some good videos which I found on YouTube demonstrating how to do various facial exercises.

You can redefine the whole shape of your
face and neck through facial exercises


We all know that exercise tones the muscles to make our skin tighter on our thighs, bums and arms, but it’s amazing how many people don’t use facial exercises to tone up their face muscles.

If you tone up your facial muscles, then you can dramatically look younger and healthier by getting rid of:

  • Those droopy jowls;
  • Turkey neck;
  • Smokers lip wrinkles;
  • Crows feet, eye wrinkles;
  • Forehead lines;
  • Nasolabial fold (line from your nose down to your mouth).

You see, there are 44 muscles in our face and toning these muscles will result in you having a tighter and firmer face which gives dramatic results without the need of botox or tucks.

In addition to toning face muscles, by carrying out face exercises helps to stimulate blood flow and circulation, relives tension and improves the overall appearance of the face.

Myths of Face Exercising

Many people won’t do face exercises because they think if they pull, tug or rub their facial skin they will be creating more wrinkles.  I can certainly understand this way of thinking and often wondered about this myself, however, by researching further into exercising the face and actually doing it myself for several months, I can let you know that this is not true.

The fact is that by carrying out facial exercises, you not only tone the hidden face muscles but you also thicken and strengthen the skin too.  Remember, you gain facial wrinkles because your skin gets thinner and loses elasticity as you get older.

Think of it this way, you are not rubbing your skin away to form deeper wrinkles, you are massaging your skin to push out the wrinkles and strengthen it to stay tight and in shape!

Types of Face Exercises

Facial exercises are broken down into two categories:

Isometric Training: This type of face exercise is ideal for people who are younger (20′s and early 30′s) and are just starting out to do facial exercises in a bid to prevent wrinkles and aging.

Isometric face exercises are used to gently tone the facial muscles with exercises not requiring you to pull or rub your skin.  They are effective and results can be seen in as little as four weeks.

However, if you are already showing the signs of aging and have wrinkles and drooping jowls, then isometric face exercises might not be enough for you.  You should then start to combine resistance training

Example of an Isometric Facial Exercise:

Double Chin Toner – Tilt your head up and look at the ceiling, now place your tongue on the roof of your mouth then push and count to ten, then release the tongue and relax.  Repeat ten times.

Resistance Training:  This is dubbed ‘a face lift without surgery’.  Resistance training is when you use weights or other resistance tools to work and build the muscles in your body.

The same applies to resistance face exercising apart from you use your hands, fingers and gravity instead of weights.  You actually build-up the muscles in your face which goes way beyond merely toning the muscles.

By building upon your facial muscles this lifts your cheekbones, jowls, eyes etc. which gives an overall firmer, lifted, fuller and younger-looking face.

There are programmes out there purely dedicated to resistance face training such as FlexEffect for example.

Example of a Resistance Face Exercise:

Crows Feet - Place your thumbs at each side of your eye (thumbs pointing down so that the palms of your hands are pointing upwards to the ceiling and fingers resting gently on your head).  Now squeeze your eyes shut and slide your thumbs out towards your ears (over your crows feet) on the count of 5.

So it’s squeeze (your eyes shut) and slide (your thumbs out to your ears).  Repeat ten times.

The Word On The Street

I’ve spent a long time in the forums reading what other people have to say about their experience with using both resistance and isometric training for their faces.

Many people had tried one and then tried the other, some had best results with one then when switched the the other their results diminished.  It was confusing at first with a lot of conflicting statements as obviously what works for one person may not necessarily work for another.

The conclusion which I took from extensive reading and research is that it’s best to do a programme which combines both resistance and isometric training together.  This gives the best results all-round.

The two main facial programmes that the forums seemed to rave about were FlexEffect (resistance training) and Carolyn’s Facial Fitness (mixture of isometric and resistance).

Word of Caution

However, you should not do facial exercises (especially resistance) every day.  You must rest your facial muscles for at least 24-72 hours between exercising.

This is standard practice for anyone (even body builders) who do any form of resistance workouts (with weights for example) as your muscles are going to work the best when they are ’at rest’.

Therefore you must rest your facial muscles too, do resistance face training no more than 3 times per week.

What Do I Do?

I don’t do a full facial exercise regime as such but I do do both isometric and resistance exercises for my eyes (fine lines and fine crows feet); for my nasolabial fold (laughter lines); and exercises to prevent drooping jowls and a turkey neck.

I tend to do these exercises (not every day) when I am putting on my face cream on a night time.

I’ll just have to see what happens in the future and I may have to ‘up my game’ but for now this is all I need to do.

TipI first learned about face exercises from a lady in the USA called Carolyn.  I then bought and use her facial exercises dvd which is really good, click here to visit Carolyns Facial Fitness website.

One Last Word of Advice

If you are totally serious about becoming wrinkle and giving yourself a more youthful, healthy look, then you should really combine your facial exercises with a good skin care regime which includes putting copper peptides and retinol into your skin.

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